The National Centre of Disabled Persons (NCDP) is a semi-autonomous entity under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation. NCDP was established in May 05, 1997 which works to support Cambodian disabled people as vision, mission and goal by programs & projects as bellow:


NCDP aims to see disabled persons fully participate and develop their capacity in all fields of Cambodian society.


NCDP's mission is to provide services and opportunities for disabled persons to fully participate and develop their Capacity in social, economic and political activities.


Disabled persons receive information, health and rehabilitation services, skills training and Employment and income generation opportunities so that they have a better standard of living, more meaningful participation and choices in social and political activities and can serve as an important human resource for Cambodian society.

 What is CBR?

CBR, stand for the Community Based Rehabilitation program, is part of the overall program of the National Centre of Disabled Persons. CBR Program aims to improve social integration of disabled people by providing training, education support, and other experiences. The program also works with volunteers, families and rehabilitation workers on how to make rehabilitation services available to disabled people in their community. CBR Program especially focus's on children with disabilities to; improve access to rehabilitation services; provide aids for daily living; create opportunities to participate in social activities and to develop awareness of their capability.

 What is IRS?

IRS, stand for the Information and Referral Services project, is part of the overall project of the National Centre of Disabled Persons.IRS Project aims to improve the situation of disabled people by providing referral services to appropriate rehabilitation, educational and skills training services throughout the country.
In addition, IRS Project aims to improve the employment opportunities available to disabled people by maintaining a database of available qualified disabled job seekers, which it uses to match disabled people to appropriate employment opportunities.IRS Project also helps disabled people to identify their employment goal and how to achieve this by providing employment information and job counseling.
In collaboration with NGO partners in the rehabilitation sector and with private companies, IRS Project has established the Business Advisory Council(BAC) which aims to increase the number of employment opportunities for disabled people and to provide advice on employment issues. Through the work of BAC many disabled people have received support according to their specific needs in the work place.

 What is RO?

RO, stand for the Retail Outlet project, is part of the overall project of the National Centre of Disabled Persons. RO Project aims to improve the economic situation and standard living of Disabled People, especially land mine victims and women with disabilities, by providing retail and whole-sale market support.
RO Projects provides support to disabled persons in all aspects of production including design, manufacturing and quality control. Many disabled persons from different provinces throughout Cambodia are receiving support from RO Project, with also provides a venue to display and sell their products. In this way disabled persons have a good opportunity to be self-employed and earn income to support their families.
RO is concerned to develop Cambodian craft products, which are high quality and in enough quantity to meet and increase the number of retail and whole-sale orders both inside and outside Cambodia.

 What is TIBD?

TIBD, stand for the Training and Information for Business Development project, is part of the overall project of the National Centre of Disabled Persons. TIBD Project aims to develop economic activities and business opportunities for disabled people that live in the rural and more remote areas by providing information, counseling and support for small business development, focused on agriculture, and animal raising, in order to build the capacity of disabled people living in the countryside.
NCDP's experience and learning shows that many disabled people who leave their home in the countryside to live in the main towns find it very hard to find a job. TIBD encourages and supports disabled people to set up activities and small businesses in their local communities.

 What is DPF?

DPF, stand for the Disabled People Forum Program, is part of the overall project of the National Centre of Disabled Persons. DPF TV Program arm to develop public education and disabilities awareness in the local and international area. ...etc.

 What is SSLS?

SSLS, stand for the Social Security For Landmine Survivor Project, is part of the overall project of the National Centre of Disabled Persons. SSLS Project many of people accident or victim by landmine, after the injury and became disabled person, many of them lack of confident with their physical and hopeless.

 What is LDF?

LDF, stand for the Lucky Draw Foundation, and prepare to many method for worked collecting funds, to eat rice Contribution, to making card funds, collecting funds mark to Member, Personality, Generousness, to put the follow box funds, to sponsor form honor of member, Company, of all sort institution, nation and international, to community owner to aid by NCDP and Government.