Information and Referral Service Program (IRS)

IRS Program aims to improve the situation of persons with disabilities by providing referral services to appropriate rehabilitation, educational and skills training services throughout the country.

In addition, IRS Program aims to improve the employment opportunities available to job- seekers with disabilities by maintaining a database of available qualified disabled job seekers, which it is used to match job-seekers with disabilities to appropriate employment opportunities. IRS Program also helps persons with disabilities to identify their employment goal and how to achieve this by providing employment information and job counseling.

In collaboration with NGO partners in the rehabilitation sector and with private companies, IRS Program has established the Business Advisory Council (BAC) which aims to increase the number of employment opportunities for job-seekers with disabilities and to provide advice on employment issues. Through the work of BAC many job-seekers with disabilities have received support according to their specific needs in the work place. In the future, IRS Program aims to be a strong and well known program to increase employment opportunities for persons with disabilities in Cambodia.

Main Activities:

1. Register New Client

2. Counseling Activities

3. Referral Services

   a. Rehabilitation Centers

     b. Educational Institutes/Training Centers 

    c. Employment Opportunities

       . Case Study   1   

4. IRS Basic Training Courses

    a. Goal Setting, Job Seeking

    b. Small Business

    c. Training Schedules

    d. Centre for Development of livestock and agriculture     1     2     3     4

  • IRS Job Seeking Session 2011
  • Job Seeking Training Lesson Session  1     2      3   
  • Attend job seeking at NCDP 2011      1      2      3      4      5
    • Certicate Job Seeking 2011       1      2      3     4 
  • Certicate On Job Training Job Seeking Skill 2010
    • Attend job seeking at NCDP 2010   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10    11   12   13
    • Certicate Job Seeking  1      2      3      4      5
  • Project development and strengthen agriculture, livestock, poultry and pig eye to people with disabilities and physical disabilities 2014.   1    2    3     4

5. Other Activities

  a. Job Club is a group session arranged to help share work experience from successful employees with disabilities in finding a job to unemployed job seekers with disabilities.

  b. Job Keeping is being performed to follow up new employees with disabilities at their work place to see how they are doing and providing support when required.

IRS Basic Training Schedules

Jobs Via NCDP/IRS Program