The Royal Government of Cambodia, through the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Vocational
Training and Youth Rehabilitation (MoSALVY) has worked in many ways over the past 25 years
to assist disabled people. In 1993 the Cambodian Government became a signatory to the
ESCAP declaration supporting the International Decade of Disabled People, which has since
been extended by further 10 years to 2012.

The original idea for a National Centre of Disabled Persons grew out of a series of workshops
organized by MoSALVY. The workshops, involving representatives of the Government, NGO
sector and disabled people themselves, identified economic security, employment opportunities
and access to rehabilitation services, training and information as key issues affecting disabled
people.In order to help address these issues a steering group was established to lead the
development of the National Centre of Disabled Persons(NCDP). In January 1995, MoSALVY
dedicated an old two story building in the centre of Phnom Penh to serve as the headquarter for
NCDP. The building was fully refurbished with grant support from Japanese Embassy and a lift
installed with funds from ICCO. NCDP began establishing its first programs and projects to
assist disabled people in 1996.


On May 5, 1997, NCDP was officially inaugurated and opened by the Second Prime Minister
of the Royal
Government of Cambodia. NCDP is a semi-autonomous entity under the auspices
Governing Body is composed of representatives of international and
Cambodian NGOs and individual
disabled persons. The Undersecretary of State of MoSALVY
is the permanent Chairperson of Governing

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