It is no secret that the UN is a dream for many experts. Indeed, the opportunities that an organization has been very difficult to find in others. World peace is such an association with the UN, so if you also want to continue to implement projects that will develop the world, feel free to send an application to United Nations careers. Anyone, regardless of gender, can get United Nations careers. To apply for a job at the UN, you must submit an online application to one of the organization’s departments. It is important to indicate a specific vacancy in it, as well as reliably answer all the questions of the questionnaire. It is allowed to provide your own resume, but it should contain all the important facts and details about the career path of the candidate.

You always need to check your contact information several times. If an error crept in them, then the administration will not be able to contact the applicant. No email replies will be sent. The UN decided to ring potential candidates for work. Whatever position the specialist applies for, he is obliged to obtain higher education by the time of employment. Obligatory is the experience of at least 3 years. Each applicant for a vacant position must be fluent in English or French, as they are recognized as official.

United Nations careers

It is important not to have problems with the law and tax debts. Recommendations from a former employer and a motivation letter are welcome.

At the UN, there are two main types of contracts: fixed-term and temporary. The first is for a period of 1 to 2 years with the possibility of extending the labor agreement. The second contract is valid for up to a year. Such contracts are rarely extended. Most often, we are talking about another interim cooperation agreement (if necessary).

The staff of the UN can be divided into two groups: specialists and support staff. The category of professionals includes managers (chiefs, directors, etc.). Specialists are hired internationally. Such positions are characterized by increased requirements for candidates (university or academic degree, work experience, leadership skills, managerial abilities, recommendations, etc.).

UN internship

Students of the last year of the university are invited to the internship, however, admission to practice involves passing the competition. The best of the best get the opportunity for two months to practice in one of the UN units.

The main requirements for interns and potential employees are fluency in English and the possibility of full-time employment (in an internship). For a vacancy in the professional category, at least 5 years of relevant work experience is important.

To participate in the internship program or for employment, you must send your resume and essay in English to the UN office.