UNESCO jobs. Everyone can become part of a large UNESCO team. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps for employment. First of all, it is important to indicate that UNESCO is a specialized UN unit responsible for the development of education, culture, and science around the world.

So, let’s move on to the important steps for getting UNESCO jobs. Only experienced specialists who have proven themselves in the interview are accepted for work at UNESCO. To be among the candidates selected for interviews, you need to send an online resume to the association’s email. For employment, an online application should be submitted to this United Nations entity. It is a P11 form, which must be filled in with reliable information and sent to UNESCO email. After that, the recruitment department will analyze the application. If a candidate matches the requirements for a specific vacancy, he or she will be asked to go through an interview, on the basis of which a final decision on hiring will be made. It is important to understand that cooperation with UNESCO involves working with possible lengthy business trips. Every specialist who takes a corresponding position at UNESCO should know that he can be sent at any time for the project to another continent. Perhaps the candidate will immediately receive a job offer abroad if his or her vacancy is opened only in one of the regional branches.

unesco jobs

UNESCO jobs and internship

If a young specialist or student under 32 is going to get a job, he will first have to undergo a six-month internship, which will not be paid. Both graduate students and already held specialists are accepted for the internship. The selection for the internship takes place in two stages. First, the best applications are selected, and then the candidates are interviewed. On its basis, the commission decides on the admission of the applicant for the internship. UNESCO interns should be fluent in English, be able to quickly evaluate data on the safety of air transport operations, write technical articles, collect and sort various information, interact with other departments and offices of the association, and participate in supporting events.

Certain requirements are also imposed on interns, for example, higher education in a particular discipline. Also important are analytical skills, knowledge of operational documentation, and the aviation environment, the ability to write technical reports, skills in computer technology and programs.

The intern is obliged to possess such qualities as organization, sociability, initiative, critical thinking, responsibility, etc. Reference knowledge in jurisprudence, psychology, and economics is additionally appreciated. The duration of the internship depends on the type of activity and recommendations of the educational institution (if we are talking about students).