UN salary calculator. From a very young age, everyone has heard about the activities of the UN. The organization solves many problems in the world and tries to develop only for the better. Therefore, the organization constantly requires specialists who are also ready to join a large team for the implementation of various projects. But to join the team, it is tedious to go through several important steps. Each candidate must understand that there is always a certain competition for a vacant seat. Now the UN regional office will accept a new employee without an appropriate interview. Some professions require entrance exams.

un salary calculator

Even if the candidate has extensive experience and major projects, he or she will go through a general interview anyway. No merits give him or her privileges when applying for a job at the UN. To queue for employment, you must send the completed form P11 to the organization or its branch. In it, you can specify the desired vacancy or leave this field empty, that is, do not state priorities. Based on the questionnaire, a special commission will decide on an invitation to an interview or a refusal.

By the way, if the specialist did not receive a response to his application, then his or her candidacy was rejected. Young professionals or students need to undergo compulsory internships. Its duration is from 2 to 9 months. During this time, the intern must independently bear all the financial costs, as the organization will not provide him any rewards. A similar situation applies to insurance policies and visas. The main requirements for candidates for work or internships are perfect knowledge of English and competence in a particular field.

As for the UN salary calculator, it is important to understand that the use of this tool is recommended specifically for the organization’s employees. After all, in order for the calculator to calculate your salary, you need to specify several points, for example, the length of service in the organization, or the level of the position in which the person works. Also, in order for the calculator to calculate the final amount of salary, it is necessary to select data regarding Allowance (for example, the number of dependents, life status, etc.). The main advantage of the calculator is the ability to calculate cash receipts. Indeed, this way a person can plan his or her expenses, and be sure of the accuracy of salary payments.