NCDP/ Social Security for

Landmine Survivor Project (SSLS)


A/ Objective to the achieves:

1. Emergency: Incollaboration CMAC and Cambodia Red Cross, the victim should not be lie on so long at the locate mine explore they should betransfer immediately to the hospital. The project provides transportation and support the hospital in emergency need of medicine and technical or equipment.

2. Counseling: After the injury and became disabled person, many of them lack of confident with their physical and hopeless. Many of people accident by landmine do not want to stay a life and really want to skill them-selves. One of the other difficulty is the discrimination from neighboring people and community, these reason very pressure to the family and the children as well so that we found out some was move the house and divorce. The project will meeting and provide sharing experience of those having the same case and provide the lesson learn to make sure that everyone is a human. The project conduct a counseling department to receive directly people and coming call for solution.

3. Housing: As many of them are very poor, the reason of accident by landmine because they also want to earn money for their living, One of the, most difficulty those peoplehave no house before and after the accident by landmine. Many of them living under threaten from the climate and environment, the house without roof without strong support some time collapse and some time easy to welcome decease. The project aim to research properly and provide the housing equipment or construction.

4. Create business group for increase the standard living: for earning and overcome the situation after the accident, the landmine survivor need to provide enough assistive divide such as wheelchair and crutches, beside that they need to build accessibility environment house to make sure their disability not an obstacle of participation.

5. Integration the family of landmine survivor into society: As after landmine accident many of landmine survivor did not adopt the situation, the society do not accept the quick change and belief that people who became disabled may cause of the God punishment and feel bad thing bring to their community and family. In this regard, the project staff and the volunteer have to conduct awareness raising and make sure community understanding the rights base for people with disability. Other hand the project should implement the network with authority how to support the family on social and economic for those return home after treatment.

B/ Project Positive Impact or expectation:

- At least 250 Landmine survivors will receive the service and joint with the project design and outcome.

- The project services and to assist them to identify their own personal needs and to establish and   realize realistic personal goals. The project makes sure to bring the hope and promote of understanding of the rights base for landmine survivor. Landmine survivor has overcome and challenges themselves on discrimination, economic and living in the same community as where they were.

- In addition, the project also provides support to landmine survivor on creating the business which could support and reduce the poverty and send their children going school.

- The project provides adequate education on landmine and make sure how to prevent the accident and promote opportunity between landmine survivor and the able person in their community.

- The project create job which support landmine survivor not to move away from their community,    especially continue to support their children.

B/ Project Location:

- Battam Bang

 - Pailin

 - Banteay Meanchey

 - Siem Reap

 - Stueng Treng

B/ Project Partner or Donor:

- In 2008, ICCO approach EO television in Neitherland which focus on landmine activities, finally the issue was raise in Neitherland and collected fund to support the project. The SSLS is currently fund by ICCO agreement and the period from June 2008 to December 2009. NCDP/SSLS expected to run long-term in order to support and elimination the discrimination toward PWD, especially to joint and implementation the OTAWA convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.

NCDP Management team and the Governing Body, appreciate and thank to all supporter and our partner who currently and who wish to joint with NCDP. We belief that our supporting will reach the un-reach and support our friend who need help to make sure themselves and the family living with a dignity.

Annual Report